Blankenship's Basement

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Fat Trapped is my love letter to horror. I wanted to take everything I love about  horror including gore, violence, torture, suspense, and most importantly villains. 

In this book you will meet the most sadistic family in Garden Estates. The Blankenships.

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It wasn't an odd thing for Danielle to go for an afternoon jog. In fact it was something she did quite frequently. This time was different than others because her jog was never finished. Instead she was kidnapped by The Blankenships and tied up in their basement. In the same neighborhood of Garden Estates, Carl's afternoon jog ended a little bit more painful but the result was the same. He too, was tied up in the family's cold, concreted, basement. 

Danielle and Carl were not the only ones to be brought to The Blankenship's basement as three more people would wind up in the same predicament. All of them would be confined with gags around their mouths. With no way of communication it was seemingly up to Carl to figure out a way to get them all out of there. Unfortunately, in the mean time, the sadistic family will venture down to start their revenge one by one. 

As the torture begins, panic runs through each of the awaiting victims as Carl begins a long process of escape. When the truth is revealed, it is clear that the Blankenships have very personal reasons for kidnapping each person. Carl gave no thought as to what might happen if indeed he did get free from the ropes. He was already wounded from earlier in the night so it might be impossible to retaliate against the sadistic family if and when the moment was called for. 

Garden Estates will never be the same and will even cause you to question what your neighbors do in their basement. 

R.T. Ewell introduces the world to a terrifying cast of characters in his very first horror novella. Thomas, Rodney, & the rest of the Blankenships will be a welcome part of your horrific reading experience.

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