Monday, July 4, 2016

Vote Loki & Batman: Reviewed

Batman #1 Review
Released June 15,2016
Art By David Finch & Matt Banning
Story By Tom King

Your Eyes do not deceive you; this is issue number one of Batman. there have been many number ones for the Caped Crusader including the previous month which I could explain but for simplicity reason I will hold off. Rebirth isn't so much of an event in the DC universe but more of an apology/reboot the past several years of things that have been going on. I didn't keep up with any titles in the New 52 including Batman but I've heard some really good things about the old run so I figured I would give this new start a chance.

In the age of the Internet it's hard for me to stay away from spoilers and this was not an exception. Even though I bought and read the book on the day after it came out the end was tad spoiled for me. That did not stop me from wanting to read the story to the end. This story reminds me of the end of an action movie except with this one, it was tough to see how the Dark Knight was or if he was going to get out of this predicament.

The pacing is excellent with some emotional scenes between Alfred and Batman over communication devices. I enjoyed the art which captured the action in the most perfect way with some cool panels. If you haven't read Batman in a while you should be able to keep up with the story lines and characters.

However, somewhat of a possible spoiler, there is someone that I have never heard of who is Robin now but that seems like it will be a good fit going into the future. Apparently, there is a whole book of different Robins.

If you want to start reading a unique Batman book I believe this will be it especially according to the end of this book. I believe Gotham City has some changes coming...

Vote Loki #1
Released June 15, 2016
Art By Langdon Foss
Story By Christopher Hastings

Vote Loki is a book I had no idea about as I walked into the comic book store but just look at that cover. That is a cover that will sell books. Without getting into politics, whoever green lit this book should get a bonus or a promotion or both. With the upcoming election in the U.S. this year, the release of this book is absolutely brilliant starring the perfect trickster to pull this storyline off. That's right, Loki, Thor's brother who in my eyes was boosted to major popularity with The Avenger's movie, is the star of this book.

This book is exactly what you would think it was about with a title like Vote Loki. During election with candidates that nobody is happy with (sound familiar), Loki shows up to try to butter up the voters. In classic trickster fashion, the reader is never exactly sure of his actions. The dialogue the writer gives him is perfect as he interacts with the humans he is or isn't trying to trick. See what I did there.

There is a character that I am not familiar with who seems to be one of the main characters who is just human but has an interesting past with Loki. It's not fully developed in this book but if I am right as to where they going, this is a brilliant move for Loki.

I am glad this book exists. It's a great mini series that will spark up debate whether serious or not so serious. I, for one can't wait to see where they go with this and I am just hoping the covers keep being as amazing as this one.


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