Monday, July 11, 2016

Power Rangers Issue 2: Reviewed

After a good setup in Issue One of the Power Rangers which was reviewed here on the site, the team of writer Kyle Higgins and artist Hendry Prasetya proves that they are out to create good stories with the original Power Rangers. Now, since this is issue two, expect minor spoilers but nothing that would ruin it for readers and enough for non-readers to enjoy this article. While its still obvious that the focus is the Green Ranger, this issue really started to flesh out the team. We get a good couple of pages with Billy and Trini getting some good development of their characters. We also get Jason and Kimberly interacting in a very real way. As far as Zack goes in this issue, well if you're a fan of his then you might be disappointed.

The one thing that is that any Power Ranger fan won't be disappointed by is the fact that we finally have some fighting. Not just blah, doesn't make sense, fighting either. This is a well told story that includes fighting action from Tommy "The Green Ranger" Oliver. Did you read that in a wrestling announcer voice? That's what was supposed to happen. In this issue, much of the focus is still on Tommy but it progresses the story nicely. We get the putties in this one too. The villain is actually Scorpina which if you look closer at the front cover, it is sort of what Rita Repulsa looks like in the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie coming next year.

At the end of the issue we get Zordan and interaction between the Power Rangers. While we get a hint of the evil villianess Rita Repulsa trying to turn Tommy against his new found teammates. I won't tell you how this turns out but trust me, it's good story telling. Along with the writing that is conning to impress me, the artwork should not be overlooked.All of it is just great. The colors are perfect because just like in the show, its the little things. My favorite thing is when the team is not in their Power Ranger outfits but we still get little hints of the colors that they hold. Whether its a yellow sweater for Trini or a blue sweater vest for Billy, the subtleties are there.

So far this comic is clicking on all cylinders and I love every minute of it. Even if you weren't a fan of the TV show but thought the idea was kind of cool, give this comic a shot. It drowns out the cheesiness since its comic form but is still there if you want it to be. This issue is also missing those lovable bullies Bulk & Skull entirely but with a certain page count to hit I would rather the writing give us a cohesive story then just pander to nostalgia.

I am still on the lookout for some Zord action but we get a glimpse of some goodness early on in this issue. Go, Go, Power Rangers.


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