Friday, June 10, 2016

ESO PRO Wrestling Roundtable #28: The Brand Split

Join John “The Host With The Most” Morgan Neal and Richard “Grueling” Ewell as they welcome Jeff “Old Yeller” Yelton from contributor “Scary” Jerry Chandler and last but certainly not least, ESO PRO's roving wrestler interviewer & the award winning www.wrestlingwithpopculture.comJonathan Williams. On this weeks episode, the guys discuss the recent departures that have plagued WWE lately with the releases of some pretty big names and wrestlers that have been with the company for many years. Our excellent interview of the week presented by Jonathan Williams is with ROH trainer “Brutal” Bob Evans. And before our main topic we have a treat presented by Joe Crowe that will surely get you into the summertime spirit. That brings us to the main topic of the recently announced brand split with RAW and Smackdown having unique rosters. And perhaps the more surprising announcement that Smackdown will be going LIVE on Tuesday's in July.
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